Previously Flowers & Sense
Same owner, Same great service!

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Previously Flowers & Sense
Same owner, Same great service!

  • Corporate & Event

    In corporate settings fresh flowers are an uplifting welcome for clients and staff. They create an opportunity to reflect and enhance your company image. They engage conversation and are the perfect greeting to all who visit your workplace.

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  • Artistic Adventures

    19 Melrose Flower Studio in conjunction with Fleur, the Northern Society of Florists and Event Planners will be offering workshops in the Fall of 2012.We are presently working on an accredited curriculum for event planners. Please email us if you are interested in pursuing or...

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  • Wedding Gallery

    Are flowers important to you on your wedding day?Do you know what you want or are you at lost on what to choose? If you have a large or small wedding 19 Melrose Flower Studio will give you unique designs, superb service and guarantees to make these decisions, easy, pleasurable and fun.

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  • Weddings & Receptions

    19 Melrose Flower Studio is a professional design studio who specializes in creating beautiful flowers for weddings. We strive to take your vision and create the perfect bouquet to compliment you.  Many brides say that selecting flowers for their wedding can be as stressful as...

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Previously Flowers & Sense, Same owner, Same great service!

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Nineteen Melrose Flower Studio

Winter 2016 

Why you should give flowers….

Because people love receiving them! I have never delivered flowers to someone and not received that look of ‘Who Me?’ and a great big smile. Some people out there think that flowers are not worth it because they die, they don’t do anything, they are expensive or they are over rated. But the truth is that women especially love receiving flowers. Most women can tell you the last time they received flowers. They are great for our figures – so low calorie! We don’t have to make a commitment to look after them for a long time, they go with anyone’s décor and they make you feel good when you have them around.

But it’s also says a lot about you when you send flowers. You are making a significant investment in your own happiness…giving is one of the top things people do that gives overall happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

"Rutgers University researcher Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., director of the university’s Human Emotions Lab, explored what the gifts we choose say about who we are and whether they affect how we are perceived. The research reveals in comparison to other gift, that those who send flowers are viewed as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent people.".....

So get out there and send flowers….Hey send flowers to yourself!19 Melrose Flower Studio is a private design florist studio located at 19 Melrose Ave, Barrie. We provide everyday flowers for life events, wedding flowers, sympathy, funerals and arrangements for corporations and events. We deliver personally in Barrie, Midhurst, Horseshoe Valley, Oro, Hawkestone, Shanty Bay, Innisfil, Alcona and to the Townships of Essa and Springwater. You can book an appointment with us to have a private consultation for any floral needs or Skype us at Marilyn Ruyter. No matter where you are we can make sure that your gift or vision will be designed beautifully for you.

19 Melrose Flower Studio is located in Barrie, Ontario and provides wedding and event services throughout Barrie and surrounding areas.
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